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Services- Residential

Green Sweep Cleaning Company knows that everyone’s cleaning needs are different. We also know that some people would love to have their home cleaned, but feeel like they “just can’t afford it”. That is why Green Sweep offers customizable services, where the customer chooses her own “cleaning package” at a price she can afford. There are two types of cleaning appointments: Continual Services and One-Time Cleaning.

Continual Services

Weekly, Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks), Tri-Weekly (every 3 weeks), Monthly, Semi-Monthly (twice per month), or any service scheduled on a regular basis.

You may use the following chart to calculate the cost of your custom cleaning package. After you have chosen the cleaning package that fits your budget, call us at 812-336-2490 or fill out the form on our Contact page.

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One-Time Cleaning

We offer one-time cleaning for move-ins, move-outs, construction cleanup, and residences that require just occassional help. Pricing for this service is $36 per hour/per person.
2 people 1 hour = $ 72.00
2 people 2 hours = $144.00
3 people 1 hour = $108.00
3 people 2 hours = $216.00

Additional services are available, such as window washing (1st floor only), refrigerator cleanouts, oven cleaning, garages, closet organization, laundry and garage cleanup. Ask us about any odd jobs you have around the house, and we will be glad to quote a price. These services may also be added to any continual service as well.

Services- Commercial

We are proud to offer completely customizable cleaning services for our commercial customers also. You will get the same quality service for your office environment as you do for your home.

We will calculate your price 2 ways – price per room and price per hour. Whichever way is least expensive is the price you will pay. Since price depends on size, we would be glad to come to your location to assess your needs.